Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short clips that showcase a company, product or service in a concise, engaging, intriguing and fun style

Since these videos are only one to two minutes long (the shorter, the better), it is vital to distill the core messages. Why? To expose your potential clients to your unique advantages that will attract them to you. With animation or live-action, you can create explainer videos featuring beautiful and captivating scenes, graphics, and characters that will leave the viewers wanting more. Unlike written copy, social media posts, still images, or even gifs, explainer videos convey the message in a way that stimulates both the eye and the ear, thereby bringing companies and potential clients together in a fun and easy way.

Why Work with Bilderish?

With over a decade of experience in creating explainer videos, we at Bilderish can devise the optimal strategy for each client, distill the key messages (in consultation with the client of course) and illustrate them in an engaging, accurate, intelligent and visually pleasing style. Whether it's an elaborate and delightful animated video or a professional live-action video production, our team knows how to do it. Want to see a proof? Click here

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