We are

We enjoy making videos

Since 2009 (the year we were founded) we knew we wanted to make videos that make an impression and convey messages through striking visual illustrations. 

And thankfully, we are living up to our goal, with an amazing team of professionals specializing in content, design, animation and sound.
And it's so fun to see everyone arrive each morning with the same goal in mind – to do the best work they can and enjoy it together.

Naftali And Eran, who are you?

Two people who’ve spent too much time together over the last decade. But it’s been working out pretty well for them apparently.

Naftali Wanono

Co-founder & Managing Director

Naftali is… how shall we put it… a renaissance man, jack of all trades, Wonder Woman. He’s in charge of creative management, directing, project management, as well as telling Eran to stop shamelessly stealing food from his plate.


Eran Roth

Co-founder & Art Director

Eran is the man with the brush and the golden hands. The art director in charge of design, composition, typography, directing, camera movement, color palettes, as well as shamelessly stealing food from Naftali's plate.

Let's talk, it’ll be fun